Full Speeches from Senator Barack Obama

Collected here, you will find links to videos of entire speeches and interviews from Senator Obama, mostly from YouTube.
There are more speeches available from the official Barack Obama website, on the speeches page under the Barack TV heading, here.
Full-Length Speeches and Interviews -- In Reverse Chronological Order (where I could find the date)
Texts for many of these speeches and more are available under the Learn heading on the main www.barackobama.com site.
Frontline Special   In 10 chapters 10/14/08   Program on Public Broadcasting System
Barack Obama on his Economic Rescue Plan for the Middle Class   25:28 10/13/08   Toledo, Ohio
Campaign Speech Concerning Health Care   36:41 10/4/08   Newport News, Virginia
Campaigng Speech; We Can Work It Out   29:48 9/30/08   Reno, Nevada. Find out how the "bailout" is really a liquidity rescue that doesn't just throw away $700 billion..
Speech Concerning the Economy   30:08 9/28/08   Detroit, Michigan
Campaign Speeches by Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden   42:54 9/27/08   Greensboro, North Carolina
Campaign Speech   26:10 9/27/08   Fredericksburg, Virginia - in a rainstorm
Speech Upon Receiving an Award from the Congressional Black Caucus   21:19 9/27/08   Washington, DC
Presedential Debates
        Part 1   10:58         Part 6   10:58
        Part 2   10:58         Part 7   10:58
        Part 3   10:58         Part 8   10:58
        Part 4   10:58         Part 9   10:33
        Part 5   10:58         Part 10   8:45
9/26/08 Oxford, Mississippi
Press Availability Session   16:51 9/24/08   Clearwater, Florida
Speech Concerning Reforming Washington   22:12 9/22/08   Green Bay, Wisconsin
Campaign Speech   31:55 9/18/08   Espanola, New Mexico
Campaign Speech   34:33 9/17/08   Las Vegas, Nevada
Speech Concerning the Economy   25:38 9/17/08   Elko, Nevada
Confronting an Economic Crisis   38:12 9/16/08   Golden, Colorado
Campaign Speech   42:14 9/15/08   Pueblo, Colorado
Campaign Speech   33:41 9/13/08   Manchester, New Hampshire
Interview with David Letterman
        Part 1   8:06
        Part 2   8:00
        Part 3   10:18
9/10/08   David Letterman Show, New York
Campaign Speech Concerning Education   35:50 9/9/08   Dayton, Ohio
Campaign Speech   22:40 9/5/08   Speech given at Schott Glass company, Duryea, Pennsylvania
Speech on Hurricane Gustav - We Rise and Fall as One Nation   12:23 9/1/08   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Labor Day Message   2:31 Presented 8/31/08   (Recorded 8/24 in Billings, Montana)
Democratic Nomination Acceptance Speech   45:16 8/28/08   Democratic National Convention, Invesco Stadium, Denver Colorado. 84,000 delegates and supporters were there.
Taped Speech to the American Legion   9:48 Presented near 8/28/08  
Campaign Speech   24:13 8/24/08   Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Speech to Introduce Senator Biden as his Choice for Vice President   13:29 8/23/08   Springfield, Illinois. Senator Biden's subsequent speech is here.
Campaign Speech   20:59 8/20/08   Martinsville, Virginia
Speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Conference   28:14 8/19/08   Orlando, Florida
Statement on the 40th Anniversary of the Prague Spring   4:16 8/19/08   Statement concerning Georgia and Russia.
Campaign Speech   18:43 8/17/08   Reno, Nevada
Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency   49:25 8/16/08   Lake Forest, California. Senator Obama's section of this forum.
Taped Message for the Disabled Veterans Conference   7:09 Presented between 8/9-8/11, 2008   Las Vegas, Nevada
Speech Concerning Energy   33:54 8/4/08   Lansing, Michigan
Town Hall   17:33 7/31/08   Springfield, Missouri
Opening Remarks at Meeting with Economic Advisors   6:20 7/30/08   Washington, D.C.
Unity Convention   17:13 7/27/08   Senator Obama Speaks to Journalists of Color at the annual Unity Convention in Chicago, Illinois.
Speech in Berlin   26:19 7/24/08   Near the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park, Berlin, Germany
Videotaped Address to the Netroots Nation Conference   6:14 Presented 7/19/08   Austin, Texas
Speech Concerning National Security   14:39 7/16/08   Lafayette, Indiana
Speech Concerning Foreign Policy   36:24 7/15/08   Washington, D.C.
Speech at the NAACP Annual Conference   22:24 7/14/08   Cincinnati, Ohio
Interview with Fareed Zakaria
        Part 1   19:26
        Part 2   7:45
7/13/08   Interview for Fareed Zakaria's Global Public Square Program with CNN
Address at the Annual National Council of La Raza Conference   24:21 7/12/08   San Diego, California
Town Hall Meeting with Focus on Energy   23:50 7/11/08   Dayton, Ohio
Campaign Speech   21:26 7/10/08   Fairfax, Virginia
Speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens   23:44 7/8/08   Washington, D.C.
Speech Concerning the Economy   20:56 7/8/08   Powder Springs, Georgia
Address to the African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference   22:25 7/6/08   Saint Louis, Missouri
Call to Service   26:44 7/2/08   Colorado Springs, Colorado
Speech on Patriotism   28:22 6/30/08   Independence, Missouri
Address at the 25th NALEO Conference   7:37 6/28/08   Remarks at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. Washington, D.C.
Governors' Conference on the Economy   9:45 6/20/08  
Foreign Policy Summit   8:26 6/18/08   Washington, D.C.
Change That Works for You   49:01 6/16/08   Newest speech from Sen. Obama's current economic tour, at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan.
Father's Day Speech   23:49 6/15/08   at the Apostolic Church of God, Chicago, Illinois
Change That Works for You   16:43 6/13/08   Town hall meeting in Columbus, Ohio discussing social security.
Change That Works for You   18:34 6/12/08   Town hall meeting in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. There are excerpts of 2 other speeches or meetings in the Change That Works for You tour, that took place in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois.
Change That Works for You   33:21 6/9/08   The first speech in Sen. Obama's Change That Works for You tour, in Raleigh, North Carolina
New York Times- Campaign Conversations: Barack Obama   17:19 First part of June, 2008   Interview with John Harwood of the New York Times and CNBC.
Barack Obama Speaks to Headquarters Staff and Volunteers   13:39 6/7/08   Chicago, Illinois
Eye to Eye: Obama Looks Ahead   24:48 6/4/08   Interview on CBS News with Katie Couric
Speech at AIPAC   36:27 6/4/08   Speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.
Primary Night and Democratic Nomination Victory Speech   29:05 6/3/08 Saint Paul, Minnesota
Campaign Speech   18:55 5/28/08   Speech concerning education, at the MESA campus in Thornton, Colorado. "MESA campus" might refer to this school.
Memorial Day Speech   9:20 5/25/08   Las Cruces, New Mexico
Wesleyan University Commencement Address   21:41 5/25/08 Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas   32:16 5/23/08   At the Cuban American National Foundation, Miami, Florida. Todos somos Americanos.
Speech to B'nai Torah Congregation   17:38
Questions (from a different recording)   9:37
5/22/08   Boca Raton, Florida
Primary Night Speech   20:15 5/20/08   Des Moines, Iowa. Speech upon achieving a majority in pledged delegates on primary night in Oregon and Kentucky
Speech to the Crow Nation   8:10 5/19/08   Speech at Crow Agency, Montana, at the Crow Nation Reservation
Campaign Speech in Portland   5/18/08   Portland, Oregon. There were 75,000 people at this rally.
Campaign Speech after John Edwards endorsement   21:02 5/15/08   Grand Rapids, Michigan
Keeping Our Faith With Veterans   21:52 5/12/08   Charleston, West Virginia
Victory Speech in North Carolina   21:02 5/6/08
Closing Statements   31:14 5/4/08   Indiana Jefferson Jackson Dinner. Indianapolis, Indiana
North Carolina Jefferson Jackson Dinner
        Part 1   10:57
        Part 2   10:25
        Part 3   10:45
        Part 4   10:57
5/2/08   North Carolina
Town Hall
        Part 1   10:02         Part 5   10:31
        Part 2   5:05         Part 6   7:40
        Part 3   10:28         Part 7   7:56
        Part 4   6:28
5/1/08 South Bend, Indiana.
Address to the UFCW in Chicago   15:35 4/24/08
Interview with Dan Rather   10:48 4/24/08
Pennsylvania Primary Night Speech   18:11 4/22/08 Evansville, Indiana
In-Depth Discussion   55:21 4/21/08   Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Campaign Speech in Philadelphia   19:58 4/18/08 There were 35,000 people in the crowd.
Compassion Forum
        Part 1   8:10         Part 4   9:25
        Part 2   7:48         Part 5   9:22
        Part 3   8:36  
4/14/08 The CNN Compassion Forum at Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania. This is the second half of this program concerning religious issues, where Senator Obama is interviewed.
Campaign Speech
        Part 1   8:37
        Part 2   7:57
        Part 3   9:23
4/14/08   Democratic City Committee Dinner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Campaign Speech
        Part 1   8:54         Part 4   5:34
        Part 2   9:54         Part 5   5:19
        Part 3   9:41  
4/9/08 Washington High School, South Bend, Indiana
CWA Legislative Conference   23:53 4/8/08 Communication Workers of America Legislative Conference in Washington, DC
Questions for General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker   13:57 4/8/08
Speech on the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Dr. Martin Luthur King   11:00 4/4/08 Fort Wayne, Indiana
Speech at North Dakota Democratic Convention   29:35 4/4/08 Grand Forks, North Dakota
Speech at AFL-CIO Convention   34:27 4/2/08 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Interview with Chris Matthews   41:59 4/2/08 Interview with the Hardball College Tour, at West Chester University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Economic Policy Speech   31:10 3/27/08 at Cooper Union in New York City
Campaign Speech   38 minutes 3/20/08 Charleston, West Virginia
The Cost of War   20:47 3/20/08 Concerning the war in Iraq
On Iraq and National Security   32:52 3/19/08
A More Perfect Union   37:10 3/18/08 We live in amazing times.
Town Hall Meeting in Pennsylvania
        Part 1   3:33         Part 6   5:14
        Part 2   6:41         Part 7   8:00
        Part 3   4:25         Part 8   4:19
        Part 4   7:04         Part 9   7:30
        Part 5   2:44         Part 10   3:56
3/11/08 Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.
Primary Night speech in San Antonio, TX   17 minutes 3/4/08
Town Hall Meeting in Carrollton, TX   58 minutes 3/3/08
Campaign Rally in Dayton, OH   53 minutes 2/25/08
Victory Speech in Houston
        Part 1   24:36
        Part 2   25:51
        Entire speech in RealPlayer format   45:59
2/19/08   Victory speech upon winning the primary in Wisconsin, spoken at a rally in Houston. The RealPlayer version is the clearest.
Wisconsin Rally and Acceptance for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC   26:26 2/12/08 Madison, Wisconsin
Interview on 60 Minutes   12:50 2/10/08
Virginia Jefferson Jackson Dinner speech   29:25 2/9/08
Super Tuesday Speech   21:57 2/5/08
Speech in Denver
        Part 1   24:07
        Part 2   24:29
1/30/08   Denver, Colorado, at the University of Denver.
Response to the State of the Union Address   4:41 1/28/08 Response to the State Of the Union Address given by President George W. Bush.
Acceptance Speech for the Kennedy Endorsements   16:28 1/28/08 Acceptance speech for endorsements from Patrick Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy and Edward(Ted) Kennedy. See the Endorsements Section lower in this page for videos of the endorsement speeches given by Ted and Caroline Kennedy.
South Carolina Acceptance Speech   17:14 1/26/08 Sen. Obama's speech upon decisive victory in South Carolina.
King Day at the Dome   8:06 1/21/08 Columbia, South Carolina
The Great Need of the Hour   34:01 1/20/08 At Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
Interview with the San Francisco Chronicle   52:04 1/17/08 This is the interview that led to the endorsement of Sen. Obama for President by the Chronicle.
Interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal   49:00   This interview preceded the Gazette-Journal's endorsement of Sen. Obama. 1/15/08
Speeches by John Kerry and Barack Obama   42:18 1/10/08 John Kerry endorses Barack Obama during this rally in Charlston, South Carolina. Sen. Obama starts speaking at minute 19:50
New Hampshire Concession Speech   13:09 1/8/08
Iowa Acceptance Speech   13:14
Alternate Version (less bandwidth)   14:07
1/3/08 Sen. Obama's speech upon victory in Iowa.
Our Moment is Now   22:11 12/27/07 Des Moines, Iowa.
Oprah Winfrey and Sen. Obama rally in South Carolina   Two parts: 18:27 and 43:45 12/9/07
Senator Barack Obama at Cornell College
        Part 1   9:57         Part 4   9:58
        Part 2   9:57         Part 5   9:59
        Part 3   9:58         Part 6   4:33
12/5/07 Speech at Cornell College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
Foreign Policy Forum   5 lengthy parts. Senator Obama joins the panel in the 4th part. 11/27/07 This forum was hosted by the Obama campaign and held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Participants were:
Richard Danzig -- Former secretary of the Navy under President Clinton;
Tony Lake -- National Security Advisor to President Clinton;
Adm. John Hutson (USN Ret.) -- Bow, NH resident, Dean of Franklin Pierce Law Center, former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General and nationally-known expert on detention and interrogation;
Samantha Power -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author and renowned professor of human rights and foreign policy;
Susan Rice -- Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs; and
Senator Barack Obama
CBS Nightline report   17:06 11/26/07 Feature produced by Nightline on CBS, with an interview of Sen. Obama and clips from the Obama presidential campaign in Iowa.
Our Kids, Our Future
        Part 1   2:59         Part 6   3:38
        Part 2   3:31         Part 7   6:20
        Part 3   5:15         Part 8   2:25
        Part 4   6:50         Part 9   6:03
        Part 5   2:54
11/20/07 Manchester, New Hampshire. The text of this speech is available here.
Change We Can Believe In
        Part 1   9:44
        Part 2   10:10
        Part 3   10:00
11/15/07   San Francisco, California. Senator Obama is introduced by Alice Walker and speaks at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.
Technology Plan   64:31 11/14/07 Mountain View, California, at Google office
Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner Speech   20:49 11/10/07 Big Iowa fundraising gathering to raise money for Democratic caucuses. Some say this seminal speech was the turning point that sent Sen. Obama's campaign upward in Iowa.
Interview on Iowa Public Television   27:44 11/9/07 Interview for weekly program, Iowa Press, hosted by Dean Borg, with Sen. Obama, David Yepsen and Mike Glover
CBN Interview   Several files 11/8/07 Interview of Sen. Obama on CBN with David Brody
"Reclaiming the American Dream"
        Part 1   5:51         Part 5   4:25
        Part 2   4:12         Part 6   1:39
        Part 3   2:07         Part 7   1:40
        Part 4   5:14
11/7/07 Bettendorf, Iowa. The text of this speech is available here.
"One Year from Now"   27:29 11/3/07 Spartanburg, South Carolina. Celebration of the day 1 year before election day, 2008
"A Challenge for Our Time"   27:22 11/2/07 Manning, in historic Clarendon County, South Carolina.
Interview with Tavis Smiley   23:51 Oct. 2007
Jay Leno Show   15:21 10/17/07   Interview with Jay Leno
"A Clear Choice" or "Leadership On Foreign Policy"   20:07 Speech on foreign policy. Drake's University, Des Moines, Iowa. 10/12/07
Nashua Telegraph interview   52:40 10/10/07   Interview with the Nashua Telegraph Editorial Board concerning policies. Nashua, New Hampshire
Speech to SEIU
        Part 1   8:08
        Part 2   8:08
        Part 3   8:08
        Part 4   8:08
        Part 5   8:08
Harkin Steak Fry
        Part 1   10:09
        Part 2   5:49
Iowa, 9/16/07
Answers to questions at YearlyKos   13:21 8/4/07   Sen. Obama's answers to questions are extracted and excerpted together in this recording.
Breakout session at YearlyKos   9:40 8/4/07   Breakout Q&A session with YearlyKos audience in a smaller room.
Commencement Address   21:56 5/19/07   Southern New Hampshire University
Detroit speech; Call for Fuel Efficient Autos
        Part 1   8:59
        Part 2   8:59
        Part 3   8:59
        Part 4   8:59
        Part 5   7:41
California 2007 Democratic Convention   23:39 Apr. 28, 2007
Address to Chicago Council on Global Affairs   40:52 Apr. 23, 2007
Health Care forum in Las Vegas
        Part 1   9:34
        Part 2   6:38
        Part 3   6:52
3/28/07. Sound is faint in this recording.
Announcement of Candidacy for Presidency
        Part 1   9:36
        Part 2   5:40
        Part 3   5:30
2/10/07. Beautiful. The text of this speech can be found here.

Speeches in 2006 and Before:
Speech at Moms Rising   8:07 9/28/06
Call to Renewal Keynote Address
        Part 1   9:49
        Part 2   9:24
        Part 3   9:44
        Part 4   7:42
        Part 5   3:49
This speech goes into depth about religion in relation to politics. Posted on YouTube July 30, 2006
Commencement Address   27:13 6/16/06   Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago
Take Back America conference   27:42 Washington, DC   June 13, 2006
Interview on the Charlie Rose show   53:07 10/19/06
Campus Progress   13:20 Sen. Obama speaks to students at Campus Progress, 7/12/06 This recording cuts the speech off early.
Event hosted by Barbara Boxer   26:22 2006, San Francisco. Sen. Obama starts speaking at minute 4:00, ends at minute 22:30
Panel discussion concering Darfur   30:27 4/25/06 With Jan Egeland, Barack Obama, and Ken Bacon. Nicholas Kristof sits in as host for Charlie Rose.
Commencement Address at Knox College   6/4/05   Galesburg, Illinois
Interview on the Charlie Rose show   52:45 11/23/04
Keynote Address
        Part 1   9:58
        Part 2   8:02
The Democratic National Convention, 2004
Discussion of Book, Dreams From My Father
        Part 1   8:38
        Part 2   9:25
        Part 3   7:37
August, 1995.   Television interview with Connie Martinson for Connie Martinson Talks Books.

(This section is sketchy and incomplete.)
John Edwards   17:25 5/14/08, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Edward (Ted) Kennedy Endorses Sen. Barack Obama   18:45 1/28/08, in Washington, D.C.
Caroline Kennedy Endorses Sen. Barack Obama   3:35 1/28/08, in Washington, D.C. Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of John F. Kennedy.
Gov. Bill Richardson Endorses Sen. Barack Obama   14:51 3/21/08, in Portland, Oregon
Deval Patrick Endorses Sen. Barack Obama   2:23 Deval Patrick is Governor of Massachussets.
Ted Sorenson interview with Charlie Rose   25:16 8/31/07   From www.charlierose.com. Ted Sorenson, a key speech writer and confidant of John F. Kennedy, talks in depth about Sen. Obama with Charlie Rose and announces his endorsement.
John Kerry   42:18 1/10/08 John Kerry endorses Barack Obama during this rally in Charlston, South Carolina. Both Sen. Kerry and Sen. Obama give speeches, Kerry speaking first. (This link is repeated above.)
Derrick Ashong(aka DnA)   7:37 2/11/08 This is the voice of humanity itself.
Alice Walker endorsement   4:20
Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Tim Kaine   6:07 Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and is a congressman from Illinois, and Tim Kaine is governor of Virginia. They talk about their endorsements in Columbia, South Carolina.
Baratunde Thurston.   9:48 Baratunde Thurston is a Comedian and Blogger for Jack and Jill Politics. This recording follows a CNN appearance by Mr. Thurston after Sen. Obama's win in Iowa, and goes into more depth to say more things that there wasn't time for.
Maria Shriver endorsement   13:22
Women for Obama   19:18 Many women explain why they support Barack Obama. Includes comments from Michelle Obama.
Students for Obama   9:49 Students talk about their support for Barack Obama.
Seniors for Obama   11:31 Seniors describe their reasons for supporting Barack Obama.

Style and Panache
Barack Obama busts a move   1:25 Senator Obama dances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Barack Obama shoots a 3-pointer   0:55 Senator Obama shoots a basket- Swish!
Photos of Barack Obama Time/CNN Photo essay
A look behind the scenes of the Obama campaign. 4/25/08 With Katie Couric from CBS.
About Barack Obama's family growing up.  
Barack Obama on the Conan O'Brien show. Sen. Obama and Conan O'Brien in some witty exchanges.

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